CBase Chess 1.0 Submitted!

I finally submitted my first app!  Apple has an unbelievable number of certificates you have to obtain to compile, run, and then submit your application.  It took me almost 2 hours from the start of my submission process to the end to get everything down.  Anyway, it’s waiting for review, and it’s my understanding that most applications are approved within a week, so let’s hope the same goes for mine!

CBase Chess 1.0

CBase Chess is a free PGN database viewer. Cbase Chess supports PGN standards whichs makes bringing your databases from your chess software at home to your iPhone or iPod touch easy!


  • *Games with variations! Supports RAV (Recursive Annotation Variations) for as many variations as your game holds.
  • *Games with commentary annotations.
  • *Opens PGN files from the web! Registers as a PGN reader so you can open your files from a website, or from apps which support document forwarding like Dropbox!
  • *iTunes document support. Add new databases via iTunes.
  • *Player search.

I definitely plan on adding more features, including improved views for the gametext/annotations, but in the mean time I felt that my product was ready to ship a 1.0 and get user feedback that I can use to guide the development process.

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10 Responses to CBase Chess 1.0 Submitted!

  1. Hi,

    I just came across your excellent application (unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone to try it out… but it *looks* excellent!).

    I was wondering if you would consider adding support for the XFCC protocol ( – XFCC is currently supported by a and

    Please get back to me by email if you have any questions or comments!

    All the best,


    • iphonechess says:

      I briefly looked at the xfcc website. It looks like the protocol is more for correspondence chess than database applications? Although the website said that Chessbase already uses it and Convekta was also looking at using it. What are the uses for xfcc as applied to a database application?

      Also, I’m interested in writing a suite of chess apps, so I may look into putting it into another application if I can fit it in, though I have no experience whatsoever with using web APIs.

      • Mike Boone says:

        I’ve started on an XFCC-compatible chess app in my effort to learn iOS programming. I’ve got the basic network communication working and I’m now turning to the PGN parsing and game display. You seem to have that working nicely in your app. Perhaps you’d be interested in collaborating?

  2. Hi,

    XFCC is specifically a protocol for correspondence chess; it allows the transfer of games from correspondence playing servers to suitable client applications, and the submission of moves back to the server.

    XFCC is supported by Chessbase 10 (including the free ‘lite’ version), Aquarium, and also the open source chess database, SCID.

    Correspondence chess involves the extensive use of databases for researching games, and also for storing one’s own games, so integrating a database application with an online server isn’t so strange as it might seem!

    Looking forward to seeing your future applications… maybe it’s time to get that iPhone! – keep up the good work 😉

    All the best,


  3. fsalamero says:

    Great App!

    Thanks a lot! Variations and comments, at the end!

  4. Wallace Hannum says:

    How do I get a pgn file onto the iPod?
    All I see Linares 2001.pgn, how do I add my own .pgn files?

  5. Wallace Hannum says:

    Nevermind, I figured it out.
    For anyone else, load iTunes. Click on the device, go to the apps tab (next to summary) and scroll down to File Sharing section. Check on CBase app and then click ‘add’ button on bottom right. Navigate to your .pgn files and viola!
    Pretty easy….true. But I didn’t even know this “file sharing” existed. Anyway, thanks for a clean and simple app.

  6. Michael says:

    That looks good! Unfortunately I’ve no iPhone; will there be a version for Android?
    Regards, Michael

  7. Nice app. Would love to have quick buttons for jumping to next variation, and if no more variations, then it jumps to the main line. Support for movies pieces while viewing a pgn will also be great to have (which can then be saved into the same pgn)


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