Monroi on iPhone

I wish Monroi would make an iPhone app. I can’t imagine it would be very hard. The UI would look nicer, and I’m sure it could be priced well enough to make profit on just the app and not the hardware. Anybody else think $350 for a product that does nothing but chess notation is a bit ridiculous,?

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2 Responses to Monroi on iPhone

  1. Satyajit says:

    Yes i think it is really ridiculous and I am yearning to see an iphone app that beats it. If you need any help for it lemme know

  2. Mike Boone says:

    I’d like to see this too. But isn’t the main issue that you’d have to lock down the app somehow during an official game, so that tournament directors could be assured that you weren’t running an engine app instead?

    At any rate I guess it would be nice for casual games so you could review them later.

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